You have big ideas! Why keep them to yourself? Do you want to:

  • change careers
  • achieve health goals
  • start or promote a business
  • develop self confidence
  • bring your art to a bigger audience
  • or more?

Coaching means we zoom in on your goals, break down the barriers, celebrate the successes, and make sure you have support and guidance through the changes.

Change takes courage, and you deserve someone in your corner. You choose the focus, we design the steps, and the issues you felt stuck with will finally get moving!

I am there to hear your fears, dissolve the blocks, and tune into your wishes to make change in real life.

I specialize in working with artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs, bringing my knowledge of particular issues together with my client's inspiration and desire to "level up" their art and dreams.

Coaching is usually done over the phone, which allows for flexibility and creativity. Rates are negotiated as part of your personalized package.

Your consultation is free, so let's talk!

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.
— Joseph Campbell


“Your help was invaluable! I am still using my ‘tools’ and considering so many of our conversations and life mantras.” – E.G.
I became more aware of how I was presenting myself and how I actually felt about what was going on in my life. Ramona guided me each week in tackling the issue that was most pressing for me; each of our conversations left me thinking clearly about the steps I need to take.
— T.K.